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We have a passion for film.

Welcome to Blue River Studios!

Prior to 2020, I lived in LA with my family and we were so lucky to be able to travel the world filming some wonderful projects, and bringing amazing stories to life. It was a pretty special time and we happened to find ourselves in Canada when the borders suddenly closed in March 2020.

At the time, I was here in Squamish for a film project, but when filmmaking was shut down, we didn’t know when the industry would restart. After a few weeks of spending time with my munchkins, reading books, and catching up on Netflix, I happened to meet a couple of local business owners who asked me to make some car commercials for them.

This started our journey in Squamish and the more I was out and about filming cars, the more I fell in love with this community, its people, and its incredible location and beautiful scenery. I was blown away, and we decided we wanted to stay here.

When I walked past the empty space which is now Blue River Studios I had a vision of what it could become. And after a few months of renovating, we have created an incredible actor’s space with amazing energy and inspiring, beautiful wall art.

I have children in their tweens and teens, and I’m committed to giving back to this community that has graciously let us in. I know that as Squamish’s population steadily grows, so does its number of young people, and those people not only need outlets for their creative urges and emotions, but they also need activities that inspire, educate, and give them skills that are useful in all facets of their lives.

That’s why I decided to set up Squamish’s first acting courses geared specifically toward acting in films and TV. The Lower Mainland’s film industry continues to grow, and provides employment for many thousands of technicians and actors. For those in Squamish that are interested in a career in this industry, we hope to be your go-to resource. And we have a lot more than acting courses waiting in the wings until the time is right…!

No lie, it’s been a tough six months, and at times I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to keep this going, but we survived through until Spring, and now we have three separate, but related, brands emerging to connect Squamish with its film community: while Blue River Production pursues feature film and TV opportunities, Mephobia Media provides professional videography services to local businesses, and Blue River Studios caters to working, and aspiring, local actors. We are very excited to open our doors to this amazing Squamish Community. We look forward to meeting you.


Does your child dream of acting
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our 2021 season of acting
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